Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Strategy:

“A project is any activity, individual or group, involving the investigation and solution of problems, planned and carried out to conclusion under the guidance of the teacher.”
-Callahan & Clark.

Ø  Project strategy is a form of scheme that allows us to collect information, investigate different levels of assignments with the manipulative drawbacks and with the ongoing process learners’ capability is highly recognized and implemented.

Ø  Project can happen in any form. It can either be individual or a group work. It involves creative and reflective thinking to see upon, explore and clarify problems and draws conclusion with proper guidance of the teacher.

Ø  The strategy activates active participation from the students with effectiveness in social interaction carried out in a natural setting or real life situation. This method creates always a room for opportunity to acquire or practice social skills. It enables the students to study functional aspects of the subjects learnt. The teacher acts as a facilitator or a guide and thus promotes independent learning.
Types of project strategy:
1)      The Producer type
2)      The Consumer type
3)      The Problem type
4)      The Drill type

Principles of Project Strategy/method

To help children learn effectively through project method, there are some fundamental principles that govern the success of a project method of teaching and learning. They are

1)      Principle of utility:
2)      Principle of readiness:
3)      Principle of Learning by doing
4)      Principle of Freedom at Work:
5)      Principle of Socialization:

Stage I: Classroom Planning

Step 1: Providing a set of tasks/problems for study
Step 2: Selecting a task/problem for study
Step 3: Formulation of hypothesis (for problems undertaken)
Step4: Planning/designing methods to investigate

Stage II: Execution

Step 1: Collection of data
Step 2: Organizing and interpreting data
Step 3: Review

Step III: Conclusion

Step 1: reporting and incorporating additions/deletions
Step 2: Evaluation

Implemented properly, this method will ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable and an enriching experience.

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