Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reflection 3 (week three)

Deductive teaching strategy:
-This method is the complete opposite of what we have studied about the inductive teaching strategy.  In the deductive method, generalizations and principles are provided to the students and then they are asked to verify them with the help of particular examples.
-It basically talks about leading children from what is unknown to known, showing a vision of abstract to concrete.
Purpose of Deductive teaching strategy:
  • Students’ captures and retains information better through this method.
  •  Since the teacher’s spotlight is the delivery of content which he/she must be thorough with, teaching any subject would be effective only if students have inadequate setting of the subject.
  •   It is less time consuming because the wholesome focus is on the content knowledge.
  •  Teachers can have the usage of wide variety of Teaching Learning Materials.
  •   Presentation of the Abstraction -the foremost comes the defining of a concept and generalizing it.
  •  Teacher illustrates abstraction with example -teacher exemplifies/ demonstration the concept with examples.
  •  Students give examples of concepts/students apply generalization to a new situation. -with the clarification due from examples set, a particular concept is further more applied to verify new situation.
  •   Students restate what they have learned concept/generalization -students are now clear with the concept/generalization, and are to paraphrase what they have learned.
Differences between Inductive and Deductive teaching Strategy:
It leads to new knowledge
It does not lead to new knowledge.
Full scope for the activities
Less scope for the activities.
It is the method of self discovery
It is the method of verification
It is a quick process
It is a slow and lengthy process
Acquires first hand information and knowledge by actual observation.
Gets ready made information and makes use of information acquired by others.

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