Monday, March 11, 2013

Review And Reflection 2

Teaching strategy is an instructional strategy that enhances us to have intended learning result with the effect of the teacher teaching and the learner implementing on it. With the environment being conducive, the content set teaching and learning runs appropriately and commendably good. And time is the prime factor that facilitates and binds all the factors that result in better learning or desired learning outcome.

Teaching Method is the process, scheme or the manner in which teacher sets out his/her teaching routine in such a way whereby teacher systematize and direct the learning experiences with very manipulative teaching style.

Teaching Skill is the ability backup of the teacher by which they conduct methods to conquer the planning set up for teaching the students.

Therefore, teaching skill is the subset of teaching method and teaching method is the subset of teaching strategy. Each of them are interlinked and supplement with right execution for achieving good learning outcomes which is both benefited to the teachers who teach and students who learn.

1. Inductive teaching strategy- Strategy, leading children to what they know to what they don't                know.    (Concrete to abstract)

Inductive Teaching Strategy:
Inductive method is a method of advancement, rather progress. In the inductive method, the students are led to discover reality for themselves. In the inductive method, students are led to observe, analyze, classify from particular instances or situation buildup to general conclusion.
Concrete examples are given and with its help students are equipped to arrive at certain conclusions beholding the given situations.
There are two types of inductive teaching:-
1.       Guided
2.       Unguided
Guided – in this the students are led to do self discovery. Teachers give a very little hint or basic information on particular topics, learner have to explore (student centered). Whatever the students do, teacher has to encourage.
Unguided – in this teacher will be the guide and mentoring the students as they perform the work. Teacher as a mentor can pose only the questions.
Phases in inductive teaching:
1.       Open ended- Teaching with examples and non examples and generalizing..
2.       Convergent- Characterizing the similar patterns, critical attributes present in the example.
3.       Closure-   Combining all these generalization and concept to a particular definition.
4.       Application- applying this definition with supplementary examples.

Merits of Inductive Method:
     a. Knowledge is self acquired.
     b. It promotes mental activity with an active participation in teaching and learning process.
     c. Students become self dependent and develop self- confidence.
     d. Student’s curiosity is well kept.

Demerits of Inductive Method:

     a. the method is very slow and lengthy.
     b. It is not very helpful in the case of small children.

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